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All of my books are available to purchase direct from Amazon, where you can view extracts. If you would like any further information on my writing or books, please get in contact. Thank you, 


The Instinctive Woman

Title: The Instinctive Woman

Genre: Self Help

Price: £5.99 Paperback

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Granny had another career aside from teaching. This book arose from the fifteen years spent as a well-being consultant at a well known health spa. Unusually, the basic theme is rooted in evolution. Referring many aspects of modern life back to ways in which our distant ancestors behaved, there is advice to make life easier.  Most of Granny's spa clients were women, but much of the book is relevant to men too.

So Burn Me

Title: So Burn Me

Genre: Memoir & More

Price: £4.99 Paperback

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Currently it is 2020. Is this a time when people need something that is not offered by conventional religion? This message of anger, rejection and hope may bring a new way of recognising God. The book emerged from Granny's thinking about aspects of her childhood, a realisation of the insidious nature of indoctrination that can go by the name of education and religion. This book could make you think too, maybe even cause you to live your life differently.


Title: Consequence

Genre: Novel

Price: £5.99 Paperback

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Amanda starts her first job. Hidden animosities and secrets between her colleagues undermine Amanda’s new life. Why does her boss seem to dislike her? Her new boyfriend deceives her, and her flatmate wants her to move out. Just as everything is going wrong, it gets indescribably worse. Accidentally caught up in gang-related crime and in terrible danger, Amanda has only her own resourcefulness to save her.

Things Go Wrong

Title: Things Go Wrong

Genre: Short Stories

Price: £7.00 Paperback

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It’s human nature. Funny, frightening, devious. What could go wrong?

Sixteen stories with a loose theme of innocence. How does a child learn to be bad? What does the vicar have to confess? How do you seduce a footballer? Why is an elderly academic haunted by a ghost from his youth? Can a spelling mistake ruin a headteacher’s career? Awfully believable stories about life.

The Family of Lost Father's

Title: The Family of Lost Fathers

Genre: Novel

Price: £2.99 Kindle

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People from different backgrounds, wealth and poverty, are drawn together by chance meetings, coincidence and unexpected consequences, to weave the pattern of one family.  In each generation there is a terrible secret, of innocence exploited, fear and murder, forbidden love. When the biggest secret of all is revealed, the links between the characters prove to be closer than any one of them could have guessed. A family saga weaving together intriguing people and their stories.

The Bairn

Title: The Bairn

Genre: Memoir

Price: £4.82

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An evocative account of growing up in a distinctive North-East fishing village, this is a description of a particular community, and a microcosm of postwar 1950s England. Anyone who has been a child before 1960 will recognise some of the experiences and influences described here. Sometimes painful, always authentic.

First published by Iron Press and the North Shields Library Service 2007, second edition 2019.

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